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Bicycle Tyre

Bicycle TyreBlack Bicycle Tyres are ring-shaped parts, either pneumatic or solid (including rubber, metals and plastic composites), that fit around wheels to protect them and enhance their function. Tires enable better vehicle performance by providing traction, braking, steering, and load support. Tires form a flexible cushion between the vehicle and the road, which smooths out shock and makes for a comfortable ride. We make tyres for bicycles and are available in following sizes.

Size : 28*1.5, 16*1.75, 24*1.75, 20*1.375

26*1.5, 18*1.75, 26*1.75

24*1.5, 20*1.75, 26*1.375

Bicycle Tube

Bicycle Tube In order to change a Bicycle Tube, remove the brake cables, open the quick-release lever for the wheel and take the tire off the rim to get to the tube. Find out how to check a rim strip with help from the owner of a bicycle shop in this free video on bicycle tire.